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3Dflow is committed to providing cutting-edge computer vision solutions and software components for 3D modeling from photos, 3D video processing and image synthesis.

3Dflow offers customized computer vision software solutions built around our expertise in the following areas: 3D reconstruction, 3D modeling from reality (both small scale and large scale objects), 3D Stereo processing, augmented reality.

3Dflow offers consulting services in the areas of Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Model acquisition, Industrial Vision.



BBZ - Medical Technologies


BBZ Srl is a recently established spin off of the University of Verona. The main field of operation of the company is the development of hardware and software tools for medicine and surgery. The expertise of its founders ranges from the development and certification of surgical robots, to the interactive simulation of realistic environments on parallel architectures. In addition, they have attended few courses on robotic and laparoscopic surgery and they have assisted several interventions, both on pigs and humans. 




EDALAB - Networked Embedded Systems


EDALab’s activity addresses networked embedded systems in which the software component plays a very important role in assuring flexibility, interoperability, and longevity. EDALab’s skills on embedded software cover all the aspects such as applications, middleware, libraries, drivers for embedded operating systems and tools for automatic verification. Examples of applications developed by EDALab are monitoring applications based on wireless sensor networks, communication appliances, customized design tools and so forth. EDALab also provides solutions for process integration.


EVS - Embedded Vision Systems


eVS embedded Vision Systems designs computer vision solutions on embedded architectures. We work on applications in industrial automation, video surveillance, medical imaging and automotive.

eVS was founded in 2005 as spin off of the University of Verona and is member of the Eurotech Group. We offer consulting, R&D and design services to system integrators and OEMs  who want to renew or revise their products with vision capabilities.  





Expert System allows enterprises to stay competitive in a world that requires ever faster processing of increasingly diverse, high volume information.

We do this through intelligent technology and applications that provide an accurate, automatic and immediate understanding of text.

Based on artificial Intelligence algorithms, our cognitive technology Cogito applies human-like comprehension to make sense of big data and unstructured information such as documents, news and articles, research reports, customer interactions and emails.



Humatics is a company experienced at developing
Machine Learning systems, and how to interact with
them. Humatics’ mission is to offer state-of-the-art
algorithms that facilitate the categorization, browsing and retrieval of a product in an online catalog.
The company was founded in 2016 as an innovative
start-up and spin-off of the University of Verona.

Humatics’ flagship product is Mix-Picks, a web application for indexing, organizing, and retrieving products in an online catalog, through a smart categorization performed with advanced Machine Learning techniques.




MedBrains is an innovative start-up and spin-off accredited within the University of Verona made up of people who have collaborated for years with the Regional Center for Pharmacovigilance in Veneto, the Italian Medicines Agency and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, creating software and innovative services for the collection and analysis of pharmacovigilance and phytosurveillance data.


We also developed MagiCoder, a tool for automatic coding of adverse drug reactions or therapeutic indications described in free text. Now, with our private company, we are developing next generation pharmacovigilance software, and we're ready to create software for pharmaceutical industry even on request.



HPA - High Performance Analytics

HPA is an innovative startup and accredited spin-off of the University of Verona operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence by offering customized solutions for predictive analysis, anomaly detection, processes optimization. Distinctive elements of HPA solutions are characterized by the hybrid use of statistical-inferential models and machine learning based methods, via a continuous research and enrichment of the customers' data with external datasets. Active since 2017, HPA has acquired a transversal experience within an etherogeneous set of problems related to the fields of energy,  physical security, manufacturing, finance, real estate, e-commerce, transport. Since April 2021, HPA has been part of Terranova Software, a leading company in the production of software for the energy and utilities markets.



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